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160± Acres
Greenwood County, Kansas

1,000 Yard Gun Range, Deer and Turkey, Creek Fishing, Farmhouse

ID: 48187
Status: Sold
Acres: 160±
Type: Farms, Residential Property
Address: 2250 250th St
City, State: Hamilton, Kansas
County: Greenwood
ZIP Code: 66853
Presented By: Matt Wonser
Dwelling Sq Ft: 2,443
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1


Step into the heart of Greenwood County, Kansas, and experience the charm of a 160-acre rural property like no other. Picture having your very own 1000-yard shooting range and a half-mile of Slate Creek meandering through the landscape. This place has a bit of everything, from a rolling terrain with some ups and downs to beautiful mature trees, including impressive Walnut trees, and a steep ridge.


For nature lovers, it's a paradise – with spots in the clear creek that are perfect for wildlife, like deer and turkeys. The trees around Slate Creek can be ideal for hanging tree stands for deer hunting due to several factors. The layout of trees along the creek can create natural funnels, guiding deer along specific paths as they move between bedding and feeding areas. This makes it strategic for hunters to position tree stands along these travel routes.  Deer are drawn to water sources, and Slate Creek provides a consistent water supply. Placing tree stands near the creek allows hunters to capitalize on deer visiting the water. There is a variety of trees offering cover and concealment for hunters to strategically place tree stands take advantage of this natural cover, making it easier for hunters to remain unseen. The elevation along the ridge helps hunters spot deer movements from a distance, increasing the chances of a successful hunt. The ridge runs through the farm at and angle creating multiple tree stand locations. This will hunters can minimize the chances of deer detecting their scent, with multiple stand opportunities for different wind directions.  In summary, the trees around Slate Creek offer a combination of natural features that make them excellent locations for hanging tree stands – from guiding deer along specific paths to providing cover and elevation advantages for hunters.


The farm is fenced with catch pens, a pond with automatic water, a dependable creek, and untouched grassland not grazed in years which is highly beneficial for livestock production due to several key advantages. The established fencing would allow a livestock manager to start using this farm with out a lot of upfront input cost. There are two water gaps to maintain and fencing around the house that would need to be put in place. The combination of a pond with an automatic waterer and a dependable creek ensures a reliable and accessible water supply for livestock. This is crucial for their well-being and helps maintain optimal health and productivity. The 0untouched grassland that hasn't been grazed in years allows for the natural regeneration of forage. This results in higher-quality and more abundant vegetation, providing nutritious food for livestock. Catch pens are essential for handling and managing livestock. Whether it's for vaccinations, sorting, or transportation, having well-designed catch pens makes these tasks more efficient and less stressful for both the animals and the farmer. Allowing the land to rest without grazing for an extended period promotes soil health, encourages biodiversity, and prevents soil erosion. This contributes to a sustainable and resilient ecosystem that supports long-term livestock production. A fenced farm with catch pens, a pond with automatic water, a dependable creek, and carefully managed grazing practices create an environment that fosters the health, productivity, and well-being of livestock, making it an excellent setup for successful livestock production.


Owning a 1,000 yard gun range provides exclusive and private access to a long-range shooting facility, allowing gun owners to practice and refine their skills without the limitations or distractions often associated with public ranges. Owners can customize the layout and features of their personal range to suit their specific needs and preferences. This includes target placement, shooting positions, and additional amenities like seating or shelter. Having a 1000-yard gun range on your property eliminates the need to travel to external shooting ranges. This convenience is a significant time-saver and allows for more frequent and spontaneous practice sessions. The privacy of a personal gun range enables firearm enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby without public scrutiny. It's an ideal environment for individuals who value their personal space and want to practice without the presence of others.

 Beyond training and skill development, having a personal gun range offers a recreational escape. It becomes a place to unwind, enjoy the shooting experience, and share the hobby with friends and family in a private setting. Owning a personal 1000-yard gun range provides a unique combination of exclusivity, customization, convenience, and privacy, offering firearm enthusiasts an unparalleled environment to practice, innovate, and enjoy their passion for shooting.


And if you like fishing, you're in for a treat. The creek has a variety different types of fish – bass, crappie, catfish, gar, and carp. It's not just a piece of land; it's an opportunity to live a laid-back life surrounded by the best nature has to offer in Greenwood County.


Call Matt Wonser at 620-330-7282 or email here for more information.

**Greenwood County Gem: 160-Acre Rural Property**
Private Shooting Range: Own your exclusive 1000-yard shooting range for endless shooting enjoyment.
Slate Creek Oasis: Embrace the beauty of nature with half a mile of scenic Slate Creek meandering through your property.
Diverse Landscape: Experience the dynamic terrain, including rolling hills, a big ridge and mature trees, such as Walnut trees.
Wildlife Wonderland: A haven for nature enthusiasts, featuring clear creek with riffles and deep pockets of water.
- Pond Perfection: Enhanced infrastructure with a fenced pond equipped with an automatic waterer.
Untouched Beauty: Let nature flourish with untouched grassy areas, catch pens, and top-notch deer and turkey habitats.
Cozy Farmhouse: Relax in a comfortable 2,443 square foot farmhouse that blends practicality with style.
Functional Outbuildings: Multiple structures adding functionality and character to your rural haven.
Fishing Paradise: Experience the lively creek with bass, crappie, catfish, gar, and carp for the avid angler.
Lifestyle Retreat: Beyond a mere property, it's an invitation to a laid-back life surrounded by Greenwood County's best.

Additional Information


  • dove
  • quail
  • small game
  • turkey
  • waterfowl
  • whitetail deer


  • fishing
  • hunting

water access

  • creek
  • pond


  • mineral
  • natural gas
  • oil
  • water
  • wind


  • barn
  • farm house
  • garage
  • fencing
  • well

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