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Why L2 Realty

We aren't growing a business, we are growing a family!

L2 Realty is made of Land Specialists that not only sell the land but also live the land, work the land, and have spent time with “boots on the field”. We are who we are because we have grown up here. We work across Kansas, and Oklahoma, and are licensed in Missouri. These same areas that mother nature has provided some of the best environments for hunting, fishing, crop growing, and farming. So if you are looking for the right recreational property for hunting season, land to farm, or a forever home on acres then let L2 Realty help you find the perfect place.

Our 3 unique characteristics

Local Knowledge

We don't just work the lifestyle, we live it! Our agents are well versed in their area, having grown up with the local land, we can provide you true appreciation and understanding of your property.

Land Specialist

Each of our agents have spent time with "boots on the field" to hold a status of a land specialist. Time dedicated to gaining knowledge in regards to land management and development has provided a variety of resources, how to value the land, how to build relationships, and the growth of true character.

Superior Marketing

The advertisement of your property holds great value. With our national marketing ability, we have all the resources needed to get your property advertised across the globe.

We are members of the National Association of REALTORS®, as well as our respectful state and local boards. That assures clients of our adherence to the code of ethics as well as ensures the exposure created by the REALTORS® Association. Zillow and are among two of the many websites you can expect to see your property listed on. Our company holds a signature series relationship with Their family of sites has the largest reach of any rural based real estate marketing company. Your listings will be as close to the top as possible with the sponsorship package that we provide for your listing.

Core Values


By definition means to be relentlessly compelled to accomplish a goal. When you feel like you have done everything you can, do more. Announce what you want, have no fear of failure, and be tenacious in your pursuit. “Dreams without goals are just dreams.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Living the Lifestyle

To hear a turkey gobble on a cool spring morning, to watch a buck chase a doe under your treestand, the goose bumps that stand up on the back of your neck when a bull bugles, for your hair to blow in the wind while you ride your horse, to finish the last bale of hay on a hot summer day, breaking ice for your cattle on a frigid winter morning, to pick the first ripe tomato from your garden, to gather eggs from the chicken coup, to love your neighbor, and cherish your family. You don’t acquire this lifestyle, it is who you are.

Work Ethic

Gain an advantage by starting early as well as being persistent and consistent overtime. Try to get better everyday and always outwork your own potential. Kobe Bryant was in a gym working out before a game when a member of the opposing team came into work out. Kobe stayed until the opposing team member left. That night Kobe scored 40 points and after the game the opposing team member questioned him. Why did you work out so long? Kobe said, “I wanted you to know that no matter how hard you work, I am willing to outwork you.”

Stand Up For What is Right

Do what you say you are going to do. Life is not easy or fair. Your clients, peers, and family need to be encouraged by what they see in you. If what is right leaves you standing alone, then stand alone, be confident, and be proud. Do not go along with what has always been, go along with what is right.


“I’m totally flexible provided that everything is exactly the way I want it!” It is easy to say we are flexible, but harder to live it. Many stern coaches have a motto that says no matter how talented you are if you are not coachable you are replaceable. Put your ego to the side, be humble, and learn. Michael Jordan is regarded as one of if not the best players in NBA history. He is quoted saying that his best skill is that he is coachable. A sponge that aggressively learned.

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