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115± Acres
New Listing
Chautauqua County, Kansas

115 +/- Acre Wildlife Mecca with Agriculture in Chautauqua County, Kansas

ID: 56038
Status: New Listing
Price: $431,900
Acres: 115±
Price Per Acre: $3,756
Type: Farms, Hunting Land, Recreational Land, Riverfront
Address: 0000 RR
City, State: Peru, Kansas
County: Chautauqua
ZIP Code: 67360
Presented By: Matt Wonser


Imagine owning a piece of Kansas land that offers exceptional hunting experiences while contributing to wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability. This 115 +/- acre property provides a unique investment opportunity for hunters and nature enthusiasts alike. Here’s why this land stands out as the ultimate hunting destination.

Firstly, the property is scheduled to have around 50 acres enrolled in the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP), a voluntary conservation initiative aimed at protecting, restoring, and enhancing wetlands on private lands. This involvement ensures the land will support a diverse array of wildlife, including waterfowl,  and other species that thrive in wetland environments. This not only enhances the ecological value of the property but also ensures it remains a vibrant and sustainable habitat for years to come.

Additionally, the property is ready for the development of two marshes. These wetlands are critical for maintaining biodiversity and providing essential habitats for various species. For hunters, marshes attract waterfowl and other game, making hunting excursions more engaging. The planned marshes will undoubtedly enhance the property’s appeal as a premier hunting ground, where you can enjoy the thrill of the hunt amidst a beautifully restored natural landscape.

The land also includes fertile river bottom tillable land, known for its suitability for cultivation. This area is ideal for growing crops that can serve both agricultural purposes and as a food source for wildlife. The nutrient-rich soil, replenished by periodic flooding from the nearby Little Caney River, offers exceptional opportunities for crop production. This agricultural potential not only provides an additional income stream but also enhances the property's attractiveness as a habitat for game species, particularly deer.

The Little Caney River frontage adds a unique dimension to this property. This scenic river not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers recreational activities such as fishing and kayaking. More importantly, river frontage serves as a natural corridor for wildlife, increasing the likelihood of encountering diverse species during your hunting expeditions. The river setting makes a perfect spot for relaxation and wildlife observation.

Surrounding the tributary creek is mature timberland, including oak trees. These mature oaks provide acorns, a critical food source for deer and other wildlife. The timberland also offers excellent cover and nesting areas, contributing to a robust and healthy ecosystem. The diverse habitat created by the combination of mature timber and water sources makes this property a prime location for sustaining a variety of game species. Furthermore the wood lot that lies West of the tributary creek has had TSI work done to it. The owner performed a hinge cut years ago to remove portions of the canopy and create an opportunity for more light to reach the forest floor. This increases bedding opportunities for deer closer to the agriculture. 

The property also presents numerous opportunities for developing large food plots. These plots can be strategically planted with crops designed to attract and support wildlife, particularly deer and turkeys. Well-maintained food plots enhance hunting success by ensuring that game animals have a reliable food source, making the property a hotspot for hunting activities. 

This land boasts a proven history of supporting a healthy deer population. For hunting enthusiasts, this is a critical factor. The documented presence of deer not only promises exciting and rewarding hunting experiences but also speaks to the quality and suitability of the habitat. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a newcomer, the assurance of a thriving deer population adds immense value to the property. 

Located amidst large parcels of land with heavy timber and extensive agriculture, this property enjoys a strategic position that further enhances its appeal. The surrounding large parcels ensure greater privacy and reduced hunting pressure, creating a more stable and productive environment for wildlife. The mix of agricultural fields and timberland contributes to a diverse and balanced ecosystem, supporting a wide range of game species and offering varied hunting experiences. It is not uncommon to see multiple deer over 160 inches use this farm at different points of the deer season. The proximity to large tracts of land and agriculture allow this area to be attractive to deer in the early season, during the rut, and late in the year when food is scarce. 

Investing in this 115 +/- acre property in Kansas is more than just purchasing land; it’s about securing a legacy of premier hunting and conservation. With its ecological enhancements, fertile tillable land, scenic river frontage, rich timber resources, and proven wildlife history, this property offers an unparalleled opportunity for hunters and nature lovers alike. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of Kansas’s natural heritage and enjoy the ultimate hunting paradise.

The property is situated 2.5 miles north of Highway 166 on Road 30 in Chautauqua County, Kansas, and lies 2.5 miles west of the Montgomery County line. Exposure to road hunting or trespassing is restricted due to minimal road frontage, confined to the gate entrance. Upon entering the gate, a road runs west atop a berm, then turns south along a tributary creek. Additionally, there is a road that follows the eastern property line, extending all the way to the southern border, providing thorough access to the property's perimeter.

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50 +/- Acres Scheduled to be Put into WRP:

  • Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP): This means that approximately 50 acres of the property are enrolled in the Wetlands Reserve Program, a voluntary program aimed at protecting, restoring, and enhancing wetlands on private lands. This involvement typically helps in conserving water quality, enhancing wildlife habitat, and providing ecological benefits.
  • Ecological Impact: By enrolling in WRP, the land will be preserved and maintained as wetland, offering substantial environmental benefits including flood mitigation, groundwater recharge, and improved biodiversity.

Two Marshes Planned and Ready to be Built:

  • Wetland Development: The property has plans and is ready to construct two marsh areas. Marshes are crucial habitats for various species of plants, birds, and aquatic animals.
  • Wildlife Attraction: These marshes will enhance the land’s ability to attract and sustain a diverse range of wildlife, particularly waterfowl, amphibians, and other species that thrive in wetland environments.

River Bottom Tillable Land:

  • Agricultural Potential: This refers to the land in the river bottom area that is suitable for cultivation. River bottom land is often very fertile due to the nutrient-rich sediments deposited by floodwaters.
  • Crop Production: The tillable land can be used for growing crops, offering potential income from agricultural activities. The proximity to water can be advantageous for soil quality.

Little Caney River Frontage:

  • Scenic and Recreational Value: The property includes frontage along the Little Caney River, providing scenic views and opportunities for recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking, and nature walks.
  • Wildlife Corridor: River frontage often serves as a corridor for wildlife, enhancing the ecological value of the property by supporting diverse species of flora and fauna.

Tributary Creek Surrounded by Timber:

  • Natural Water Source: A tributary creek flowing through the property, surrounded by timber, contributes to the land’s natural beauty and ecological diversity.
  • Habitat Enhancement: The timber around the creek provides essential habitat for wildlife, offering cover, food sources, and nesting areas for various species.

Mature Timber Including Oak Trees:

  • Valuable Timber Resources: The presence of mature timber, particularly oak trees, indicates the availability of valuable wood that can be harvested sustainably or preserved for its ecological benefits.
  • Wildlife Support: Mature oak trees are crucial for wildlife, providing acorns as a food source and habitat for birds, mammals, and insects.

Large Food Plot Opportunities:

  • Wildlife Management: The property has potential areas that can be developed into food plots. These plots can be planted with crops specifically designed to attract and support wildlife, such as deer and turkeys.
  • Hunting Benefits: Food plots can significantly enhance the land’s value for hunting, providing a reliable food source for game species and improving hunting success rates.

Proven Deer History:

  • Hunting Potential: The property has a documented history of supporting a healthy deer population, which is a significant draw for hunters.
  • Wildlife Observation: Even for non-hunters, a strong deer presence adds to the enjoyment of the property for wildlife observation and photography.

Situated Amongst Large Parcels of Land and Heavy Timber as Well as Extensive Agriculture:

  • Prime Location: The property’s location amidst large parcels of land with heavy timber and extensive agricultural areas enhances its appeal. Such a setting typically offers greater privacy, reduced hunting pressure, and a more stable environment for wildlife.
  • Diverse Land Use: The combination of agricultural fields, timber, and large land parcels creates a varied landscape that supports a wide range of wildlife and agricultural activities, contributing to the overall productivity and ecological richness of the area.

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  • geese
  • small game
  • waterfowl
  • whitetail deer


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